Patient en familie
Parker Knight

Patients who have recently been diagnosed with NET often have many questions. It is still unclear what this rare form of cancer entails, and what the best treatment is. Family and friends of the patient feel powerless. With the information given here we hope to provide you with peace of mind and a good overall picture.


The PRRT Treatment Center provides all information for patients, family and specialists clearly and in one place.


The PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam treats around 100 patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) yearly. The team at PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam strives daily to increase the quality of life of patients with NET. Patients rated the complete treatment with an 8,9.

PRRT Information for Patient and Family

The PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is located at the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the Erasmus MC. As radioactivity is used, things go differently than at a regular hospital unit. This has consequences for admission, for receiving visitors and for the rules to be followed after therapy.


Information about PRRT treatment and NET can be found under patient information.

Information for physician / specialist

Information for the specialist referring a patient, or for patients who provide their own information, can be found on a separate section of the website. Go to physicians for more information about criteria, medication and contact information for physicians, amongst other things.


Information for patients en family