You or one of your family members was probably recently diagnosed with a NET (neuroendocrine tumor). In consultation with your physician it was decided that this rare form of cancer will be treated with radioactive lutetium. This treatment is called PRRT and is given at the Nuclear Medicine Therapy Department of the Erasmus MC. That is where the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is located.


It is possible to contact the (nursing) staff when needed, but we assume that you are self-reliant.


Some things are different at the Nuclear Medicine Department than at other departments at the Erasmus MC. There is for example no permanent (nursing) staff present at the ward because of radioactivity. For the same reason, it is not possible to receive visitors during your stay.

Important information for your stay

We assume that you are self-reliant and do not depend on any form of support in your daily care. Although there is no nurse available to help you get in and out of bed, for example, there is always a nurse stand-by 24 hours a day whom you can contact in case you are feeling ill or are experiencing any problems. During hospitalisation, patients will receive meals and drinks served by the staff.


On the day of your hospital admission, a nurse from the PRRT team will give an explanation about the Nuclear Medicine Department. He or she will also explain in detail how to contact the (nursing) staff. The people accompanying you are allowed to be present during this explanation. You will also meet the physician of the PRRT team before your treatment starts. He or she will come by for a short evaluation and will perform a physical examination.


The people accompanying you will be asked to leave the department before the administration of PRRT begins. The treatment starts by placing an infusion needle (venflon) in a vein of your arm. Medication that prevents possible side effects, such as nausea, are then administered through the venflon. The infusion of the amino acids (which protect the kidneys against the radiation) starts approximately 30 minutes before the administration of the radioactive lutetium octreotate. The total duration of this treatment is four hours.


You are expected to arrive at the beginning of the morning for admission at our department, and if all goes well, you can leave again the next day during the afternoon. After treatment there are certain rules to be followed.

Practical matters during your stay

  • You will receive three meals a day from the hospital, and there is enough to drink at the unit.
  • You may take your own food and drink.
  • You should bring your own medication (you should take it like you do at home).
  • You can wear your own clothes during treatment, and take them home again after treatment.
  • You may bring your own communication devices or other entertainment, such as books etc.

General Patient Information

In the PRRT Treatment Center, patients with the rare form of cancer, NET, are treated. We offer clear information so that you are well informed, and can visit the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam with confidence.


If you cannot find an answer to your question immediately, please also look under Frequently Asked Questions.