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A visit to a hospital or clinic may raise questions, for both patients and their families. We try to answer most questions for you so that you are well informed and confident when visiting the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam. If you can not find the answer to your question immediately, please also take a look at the frequently asked questions.


Thanks to the radioactively labeled lutetium octreotate, the tumor can be treated with precision.


In the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam patients with a rare form of cancer, NET, are treated. During the treatment the radioactively labeled protein lutetium octreotate is administered. This enables us to treat these neuroendocrine tumors with precision.

Results and Side Effects of PRRT

The PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam treats around 100 patients annually. There are strong indications that patients who are treated with lutetium octreotate on average live 3 to 6 years longer. Although we do all we can to prevent side effects, it is possible that side effects such as nausea, tiredness and vomiting occur for a short period of time.


You can find an infographic about the treatment here.

Radioactive Radiation and PRRT

Radiation is used in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs). Even in our daily lives, radiation is all around us, in the ground, in walls of houses, in our food and in our bodies. This is called natural radiation. In addition, there is artificial radiation that can be used for a number of applications. The treatment with radioactive lutetium is an example of artificial radiation.
The fact that radiation is used has consequences for your hospital stay, for receiving visitors, and for the rules to be followed after therapy.

PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam

PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is the internationally renown treatment and knowledge center for PRRT. We focus on lengthening and improving the quality of life of patients with neuroendocrine tumors.


PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is one of the few Centers of Excellence in the world where PRRT is applied. Since 2000, we have treated more than 1300 patients from the Netherlands and abroad, often with positive results. The staff will continue their efforts to improve the quality of life. Patients judged the total treatment with an 8,9.


The PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is easily accessible for both Dutch and international guests.

Information for the Physician/Specialist

Information for the specialist referring a patient, or for patients who provide their own information, can be found on a separate section of the website. Go to physicians for more information about criteria, medication and contact information for physicians, among other things.