Contact verwijzers
Jeroen Musch

New patient registrations for PRRT can be send to our email address or to the following postal address:


Postal Address:

Erasmus MC Cancer institute loc. Daniel den Hoed
Department of Nuclear Medicine/PRRT, room A0-46
Prof. dr. D.J. Kwekkeboom
Postbus 5201
3008 AE Rotterdam

The Netherlands


Visiting Address Hospital
Erasmus MC
Department of Nuclear Medicine
‘s Gravendijkwal 230
3015 CE Rotterdam

Please ensure that you send along all required information.

Follow-up to Registration

Medical researchers at the PRRT Treatment Center assess the received information and, when complete, discuss these data within the PRRT team and the Multidisciplinary Workgroup NET.


We then contact you and indicate whether the patient is a possible candidate for PRRT therapy. If so, the patient will receive an invitation for an interview. After the interview, it is determined whether therapy is possible. If therapy is possible, a letter is send to the patient with information and the first therapy date.

Overview PRRT Steps

For a visual overview of the various steps before, during and after treatment, view the following schematic representations:


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