PRRT: Mechanism of Action

Below you will find the indications which, in general, justify starting a PRRT treatment. If you, as a physician, have questions, please contact us.


In many instances a waiting approach is a good option for patients with NET.


Indications for PRRT treatment:

  1. Progressive disease, verified by a CT, MRI or OctreoScan.
  2. High tumor burden/load where a waiting approach is not an option.
  3. Symptoms that cannot be managed by medication (for example repeated dehydration as a result of diarrhoea).
  4. Neoadjuvant PRRT for solitary NET (rare).

Neoadjuvant therapy focuses on decreasing the tumor, increasing the chance that a smaller tumor makes surgery possible.

Criteria and other information concerning PRRT treatment

In addition to the indications mentioned above, the patient should meet a few other criteria . Only then can a specialist or physician refer a patient to the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam. The patient should also stop, or switch, medication.

Overview of PRRT Steps

For a visual overview of the different steps before, during and after the treatment, view the following schematic representations:

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