PRRT treatment in the Netherlands consists of the administration of the radioactively labeled protein lutetium octreotate. In 2008, an analysis was published of 310 patients with NET treated at the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam and for whom enough information was available. There was a marked improvement in the quality of life of patients in whom the tumor was reduced. View the results of patients treated between 2000 and 2006 below.


PRRT treatment primarily focuses on lengthening and increasing the quality of life


Results of patients who were treated with PRRT:

  • Reduced tumor size was found in 46% of the patients
  • Stable disease in 35% of the patients
  • Growth of tumors despite the treatment in 20% of the patients.

The average duration of the effects of the therapy was 40 months, measured from the start of the treatments.

Results positive thanks to PRRT

There are strong indications that patients who are treated with lutetium ocreotate on average live several years (3-6 years) longer than those who do not receive this treatment.


As with every therapy, side effects can occur. Read more about the side effects.