Preceding treatment, patients are given medication against the most common side effects of PRRT. Every patient reacts differently to the treatment.


Fortunately, possible side effects are often only temporary.


Possible side effects during or after the treatment are:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea (about 25% of treatments)
  • Vomiting (about 10% of treatments, usually mild)
  • Vague (stomach) uneasiness (about 10% of treatments)
  • Loss of hair, no baldness (about 65% of patients). After treatment, the hair grows again.
  • Hormonal cisis (1%). In patients with tumors that produce a large amount of hormones, there can be a temporary worsening of the symptoms. The patients in whom this happened recovered quickly after treatment in the hospital.
  • A temporary, small decrease in the number of blood cells. A greater decrease in blood cells (mostly platelets), such that a new therapy needs to be delayed, occurs in about 5% of PRRT treatments.

Long-term PRRT Side Effects

In the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam, more than 1300 patients have been treated. Serious long-term side effects are observed in less than 3% of the patients.

  • Serious deterioration of the kidney function (<1% of the patients)
  • Serious deterioration of the bone marrow function / leukemia (<2% of the patients)

Results of PRRT Treatment

There are strong indications that patients who are treated with lutetium octreotate live longer on average. Also look at the results.