Rob Potvin

PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is located centrally in Europe. Rotterdam has its own airport, and there are flights to this airport from 35 European destinations. Flights from outside Europe land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From there it is less than an hour’s drive to Rotterdam. Read more about the accessibility of the PRRT Treatment Center.


Rotterdam is reached easily! And from Rotterdam you can easily visit other cities in Europe.


Below you will find the distances between Rotterdam and several other well-known European cities:


Destination by high speed train km miles time
Amsterdam 77 47 43 min
Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) 60 37 26 min
Brussels South 146 91 1 h 11 min
Paris Gare du Nord 514 319 2 h 36 min



Read more about the accessibility of Rotterdam by air


Rotterdam Tourist Association (VVV)

More information about staying in Rotterdam can be found on the official website of the Rotterdam Tourist Association (VVV). They can also help you to plan the rest of your stay in and around Rotterdam.